Reach tourists directly and get measurable results

Minicards provide an effective method to deliver your message and measure the response. You get an "all-in-one" service package to advertise with us.

Tourists looking at Minicards at a display
Hotel guest looking at minicards on display


Tourists get the information at a glance

Minicards displays are easy to find in hotels and other locations where lots of tourists look for the information. Cards are well-arranged, their front is visible with full face.


Simple and effective

Minicards are free to take away. A card has all relevant information, yet fits in a pocket or in a wallet. Tourists gladly use Minicards, especially the ones with a discount or a gift.

Minicards in a hand
dynamic QR code

Always up-to-date

The content of dynamic QR code can be changed without reprinting the cards

The code can contain always up-to-date information, it can be used to direct users to a temporary exhibition, regularly updated program offers, menu of a restaurant or to buy a ticket. The use of the QR code can be measured.


Why advertise on Minicards

By the numbers

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Our services

The "all-in-one" package for advertisers


We design each card with a unique map and QR code on the back. You only need to send us the image and the copy.


We print Minicards for all of our clients. In addition, we also provide storage for the cards in our warehouses.


We check our locations monthly, and distribute the cards, to ensure that your offer is always visible.

The card

All relevant information in a pocket sized format

Information on front of a minicard
Information on back of a minicard
Information on front of a minicard
Information on back of a minicard

A few clients in Budapest

Advertise on Minicards

Request a proposal for our service with a monthly fee. We tailor it to your needs, calculating with the amount of cards required for the selected advertising term.

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