Agóra Science Centre Debrecen

Science can be exciting, fascinating and fun!

The Agora Science Experience Centre in Debrecen aims to make science understandable and fun, explaining the everyday wonders of our lives. Agora combines play and fun with learning; children and adults can discover special tools and curiosities, participate in spectacular experiments and interesting educational activities.

Located in the heart of the University of Debrecen’s Botanical Garden, the lower level of the building is a giant playground where everyone can experience the work involved in generating electricity, shape mountains and valleys with their own hands, shoot with the special Lenz cannon and ride a bike 2 metres high.

The Eastern Region is also home to one of the largest mobile digital planetariums in the country. Under a huge dome, astronomers project their own shows about constellations, planets and the entire universe, all created for Agora. The state-of-the-art digital planetarium is also capable of projecting hemispherical, so-called full-dome movies, with the image surrounding the viewer 360 degrees for an unparalleled cinematic experience. Let’s go on an adventure!

For information on the programmes and opening hours, please visit

Please bring your Minicards card with you, which you can find in the hotels in Debrecen and Hajdúszoboszló.


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