Hotel concierge and guests with Minicards DeskMap

Offer your guests more information and discounts

Minicards helps you to give quality information and extra benefits to your guests. We arrange everything and this service is free of charge for you.


What are the benefits for hotels

  • Our service is free
  • All tourist information is offered in one clear display
  • Helps the work of the concierge staff
  • Gives additional benefits by offering (entrance) discounts
  • The displays come in various sizes and designs
  • We arrange everything and ensure that the offers on the displays are always up-to-date
  • We can also provide our popular Minicards Deskmap for free
Hotel guests recognize minicards

Recognized concept

Tourists recognize Minicards

Minicards is a globally recognized system, available in more than 20 countries. In our city, we launched in 2003, now displays can be found in over 230 locations.

Useful information

Minicards help to inform your guests

Our displays can be found near the concierge desk or directly in the lobby. Often times, the concierge staff will use Minicards as a helpful tool to educate and recommend attractions, museums, tours, restaurants, shops, service or a venue to the guests staying at the hotel.

Minicards display at hotel reception

Minicards Deskmap

Free city map for your guests

Hotel guest with DeskMap

Need a way to guide your guests in the city?

We offer our Budapest DeskMap free of charge for hotels and other accommodation providers.

  • It can be placed on a counter, from where tourists can tear down the unfolded map from the 400-pcs stock
  • Large size (480×320 mm), with detailed information
  • One side is the overview map of the city, the other the map of Downtown and Castle District
  • We ensure that you won't run out of maps

A few of our partners

Offer your guests more with Minicards

Request a display that best suits your needs. We provide cards and the DeskMap free of charge for hotels and other accommodation providers who join our network.

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