Cold War Park

Would you like to climb into a legendary Soviet fighter jet or attack chopper? Would you like to drive Soviet Military vehicles, including T 55 tanks and armored personnel carriers? Then you should definitely visit the Cold War Park.

Tank vezetés


The era of Cold War, which lasted more than 40 years, no one can pass without a comment. A direct war had never been fought between the two superpowers, the United States and the Soviet Union, but a much more significant series of ideological, cultural, social, economic, and political clashes took place almost throughout the entire world. At the same time, the opposing parties have financed many civil wars in the third world, making them responsible for millions of casualties. To this day directly or indirectly, but we still feel on our skin the legacy of war and the many mysteries surrounding it. Those who have seen the war have first-hand experiences of the events, but the lucky ones, born after the collapse of the Soviet Union in ’91, can only rely on history books.

Of course, dry facts never give back to the essence of war. Therefore, we recommend you to visit the Cold War Park, where you can stumble upon the most unique collection of military arsenal in Hungary.

Now you even get 10% discount from the entrance fee with Minicards.

Some of the highlights the park offers to the visitors:

· War machine exhibition with private guided tour

· Driving various types of Soviet tanks and vehicles

· “Ak-47 & Friends” shooting with various weapons

· Paintball

We advise you to visit at least with 4 people or more, because that’s how you can enjoy the programs the most.


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