The main street of Debrecen

The main street of Debrecen is Piac Street in 1908 and years later. The main street of the city became Piac Street during the heyday of Debrecen’s trade, when the late middle-age fairs offered thousands of goods. Before that it was called Várad utca. After the Second World War, it was renamed Vörös warsereg utca, and since 1990 it has been Piac utca again.

Its architectural character began to take shape only in the early 19th century, under the influence of Classicism, and was finally shaped in the early 20th century by Art Nouveau and Eclecticism.

The only remaining tramway line in the city is the initial and final section of Piac Street from the Grand Station to the Great Church, which runs to the Great Forest.

Debrecen fo utca 1908

Piac utca

Kép forrása: Fortepan / Library of Congress, ÚtiSúgó.hu

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