Floating is fun – Skyward

If you are looking for a really remarkable program, visit  Skyward Szélcsatorna, where you can experience the inimitable feeling of floating in the air. With the Minicards Skyward card you get 15% discount from the program’s price!


But what is Szélcsatorna exactly?
It’s a free fall simulator, where the vertical convection and the 220km/hour wind make floating indoor possible.
Don’t be afraid, the program includes a quick course about how to float stable, rotate, sink in air, and what to pay attention to while flying.
This is the perfect gift for adventurous friends, family members, or you can keep your next team building event here!

The minimum age limit is 5 yrs!


Don’t forget to take your Minicards Skyward card with you and enjoy the 15% discount.

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