Museum, fashion and workshop at the same place! – Goldberger

✂️? Do you want to know how the famous Goldberger textile factory, which started as a small family business become an internationally recognised textile mill?
Visit Óbuda and look for the Goldberger Textile Collection, which takes you on a journey of the Goldberger family’s work in the textile industry.

The exhibition breaks down the company’s history into five main stages from the family’s settlment in Óbuda in the 18th century until the factory’s liquiditation in 1997.

The collection provides a wide range of objects from the textile industry such as pattern-books, prefabricates textile clothing, accessories, and technological tools.

The most valuable parts of the collection are the pattern-books and designs straight from the Goldberger factory, which are part of the stationary exhibition.


Many interactive element brings you closer to the technology of textile manufacturing.

If you are interested in fashion, textile industry or you just simple love museums, stop hesitating visit the exhibition as soon as possible!
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