The old Elisabeth bridge 1903-1945

The old Elisabeth bridge of Budapest, which was named after the popular Habsburg queen Sissi, get into the news as a world sensation in 1903.

Elisabeth bridge anno 1901
Az épülő Erzsébet híd anno 1901.

Although the first version of the bridge was destroyed in World War II, many photographs and videos keep its memory green.

The bridge caused mechanic sensation since it was built without an intermediate pillar and crossed the Danube with a 290 meter wide opening, functioning basically as a suspension bridge connecting Buda and Pest. The mechanical solution the engineers used is a common practice now when it comes to suspension bridges, but then it was a very unique idea of the Hungarian engineers.

Erzsébet híd-1903
Erzsébet híd-1903
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The well deservedly famed bridge’s story took a turn for the worse when it was destroyed during World War II.

This was the only bridge in Budapest which couldn’t be renovated after the war so a totally new bridge was built that connects the Gellért Hill and the downtown of Budapest.


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