If you like far eastern cuisine: WASABI and YAMATO Restaurant

If you want to go a little further than sushi when it comes to japanese kitchen, we have good news! You can enjoy 10% discount with your Minicards Yamato and Wasabi cards at Wasabi Wok & Sushi Étterem and Yamato Table Grill & Sushi Restaurant.

? At Wasabi you can try out the specialities of the japanese, thai, korean and fusion kitchen.
You can also enjoy “running sushi” where you can taste 140 different foods.
If you are watching your weight, that’s not a problem either, since at Wasabi you can enjoy salads and quinoa based meals.
In addition you can taste asian drink specialties, such as japanese whisky, beer, gin, asian cocktails and not to mention, the famous sake.
If you are a lover of asian kitchen, we can ensure you that you don’t leave hungry!
Use your Minicards Wasabi card for 10% discount!


? At Yamato your dinner will be served at your very special taste.
Here you can try out the so called “Table Grill”, where you can grill your meats and vegetables yourself.
You can choose between Japanese Yakiniku and Korean BBQ.
If you choose Yakiniku you can freshly grill your chosen meats, fish and vegetables, than flavor it with special dips and dressings.
In case of Korean BBQ meats are marinated, so if you love piquant and strong tastes, this is the perfect choice for you. You can enjoy your meat with fresh lettuce and side dish.
If you are after an extraordinary experience, visit Yamato and don’t forget to take your Minicards Yamato for 10% discount!


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